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Welcome to Marr Grange Pork Supplies & Farm shop

Marr Grange Pork Supplies was originally set up 20 years ago to sell our home bred pigs which are fed on home grown cereals direct to other butchers. This has proved very successful and we now sell in excess of 300 pigs a week wholesale in Yorkshire and Humberside. All the pigs are slaughtered locally, therefore less stress for the pigs which produces better meat.

We then set up our own farm shop originally just selling pork. As the shop proved to be very popular we slowly increased our product range to include locally produced beef, lamb and chicken. In addition to this we have developed our speciality home dry cured bacon & gammon, and speciality home-made sausages and burgers which are made to our secret recipes.

With the shop proving to be so popular and the fact that we wanted to develop the bakery and deli side of the business we moved into a much bigger shop 4 years ago.

The bakery and deli is proving to be very popular because we bake our own meat pies, Cornish pasties, quiches, sausage rolls & cooked meats. There is also a wide range of cakes, buns, and fruit pies – just like Grandma used to make!

Our new venture is home-made bread made with organic flour sourced in North Yorkshire. All the ingredients used in the bakery are of the highest quality